What does Snap Legends mean on Snapchat

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By Ankit Kumar

Are you new to Snapchat?

Are you discovering charms for the first time?

Well, charms appear on a snap chatter’s profile and shows some great stats related to you and your friend.

There are different types of charms. You can know about all of them here in this post.

What does Snap Legends mean on Snapchat

Quick Answer: Snapchat Legends on Snapchat means that you and the user have an average snap score of more than 200,000. The exact value is unknown and these are just estimations.

Snapchat is a popular social media platform that allows users to share photos, videos, and messages with their friends. One of the ways that users can personalize their accounts and make them stand out is by using charms.

Charms are decorative elements that can be added to a user’s profile and displayed for others to see. They can be purchased from the app’s in-app store and come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. Some examples of charms that might be available on Snapchat include emojis, stickers, and other decorative elements.

Using charms can be a fun and easy way for users to express their personalities or interests on Snapchat. They can add a bit of flair to a user’s profile and make it more visually appealing to others.

Snap Masters charm meaning

Snap Masters is one of the available charms on Snapchat. If you are pretty active on Snapchat along with your friend, you can easily be awarded different charms on Snapchat.

If you and the other Snapchatter have an average snap score between 15,000 to 200,00 then you will be awarded the Snap Masters charm.

There another types of charm as well.

  • Rookies
  • Sophomores
  • Heroes
  • Masters
  • Legends

As you can tell, the Legends charm is the best available charm that one can get. Whereas, Rookies charm is the first charm that a snap chatter receives.


Overall, charms are a popular feature on Snapchat that allows users to customize their profiles and add a bit of personality to their content. Whether used to decorate a profile or add some flair to a photo or video, charms can be a fun and creative way for users to express themselves on the platform.

Users can access the charm store by going to their profile page and tapping on the charm icon. From there, they can browse through the available options and choose the charms that they want to purchase. Charms can be purchased using real money or virtual currency, depending on the user’s preference.