Fix: OkCupid not working, freezing issues

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By Ankit Kumar

 Are you an OkCupid user and wondering why your app is not working as intending?

Well, Google-search has done justice to you as here we will be mentioning some ways to fix the most common OkCupid not working issue.

There can be a lot of reasons why you are unable to use OkCupid usually.

We will mention every possible fix which can help you out with the OkCupid not working issue.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s dive into the details.

FIX: OkCupid not working

Here, we have mentioned 5 easy ways to implement ways using which you can fix the OkCupid not working issue on your device.

Simply start with the very first method. It would fix the issue. But, if it doesn’t, you must proceed to the next step, following method.

Try all and get OkCupid not working issue fixed quickly.

1. Reboot Device

The first and the most basic troubleshoot and fix for the app issue is the device reboot. You can simply reboot your device if the problem persists even after restarting the app.

You just need to long press the power or lock button and tap on the Reboot button to restart your device.

In some device, you will see a Restart button instead of a Reboot button.

After rebooting the device and clearing all the apps from the recent apps, tray, tap and open the app again to check if it is working.

If the issue persists, we would suggest you proceed with the following method.

2. Update and Re-install App

Rebooting or restarting the app must have solved all the issues. But, if you still facing the usual OkCupid not working problem. Then you should try re-installing the app.

Before that, check if you have the latest version of the app. To do this, open the respective app store platform on your Android or iOS device.

Search for the app name in the search bar. And tap on the Update button if it appears. 

This will start downloading the latest patch for the app.

And if nothing appears. Then you will have to uninstall the existing OkCupid app copy on your device and download the new one.

Start by uninstalling the app. And do not worry. You won’t lose any data like auto-login details and anything else.

Fix OkCupid not working

3. Clear App Cache

Well, if downloading the fresh copy of the app doesn’t work. Then it is time to try clearing the app cache. Before we start, let us put a quick disclaimer here.

On clearing their app cache. The data for the auto-app login will be deleted as well. So, if you do not remember your login details, we suggest arranging for the login details before you proceed.

  • To clear the app cache. You have to find the app icon first.
  • Long press the app icon.
  • Click on the app-info
  • Now find the Force Stop option and select it.
  • Then select the Storage and Cache option.
  • Now select the Clear Storage option.
  • Continue by clicking on the Clear Cache option.

And you are done here. You have successfully deleted the cache of the app. All you have to do is, uninstall the app.

Go to the respective app store and download the OkCupid app again.

4. Create a new account if the previous one is banned

Well, we are now on the 4th part of the troubleshooting of the OkCupid not working issue. In the above three fix methods, we have mentioned some standard methods to eliminate the problem.

If you are on the 4th part of the troubleshooting part, you face the same issue probably.

We would like to mention that there are chances that you have been banned on OkCupid. And therefore, you are being restricted to use the OkCupid app as usual.

So, what to do if you are banned?

Well, there is nothing much you can do. If you are banned on OkCupid, it means you have consciously or subconsciously violated the community guidelines for the OkCupid app.

Inevitably, you won’t be able to use the app like before. And the only way out of the situation is to create a whole new account.

And make sure to avoid any kind of actions that may lead to an account ban again.

5. Contact Official OKcupid Support

If you think you haven’t done anything that might have violated the guidelines of the app. Then there is a way by which you can claim OkCupid’s action to ban your account.

This happens sometimes. The automated system of OkCupid might have flagged your account mistakenly. Or someone might have reported your account deliberately.

You have a chance to claim the account ban action by reporting to the official OkCupid support page.

You just need to fill in your details and mention what issue you are facing.

If you are someone whose account is not banned and still facing the OkCupid not working issue. Then we suggest you do the same.

But, instead of mentioning the account ban issue, you just need to say the OkCupid not working issue for your device. The OkCupid Support team will contact you to assist in eliminating the issue.

OkCupid search not working

Another issue that a lot of users face is the OkCupid search, not working issue where the app’s search feature doesn’t work as intended.

This may occur because of a lot of issues. But, the standard-issue is the network issue. 

Network Issue 

If you have used OkCupid commonly earlier and it suddenly stops working, usually. Then possibilities are that your device isn’t connected to a stable internet connection. Follow the steps mentioned to check out network issues.

  • Check out your wifi router if it is plugged incorrectly.
  • If the router is OK, check out the connection speed with other devices.
  • Try playing a youtube video of high quality.
  • Restart the wifi router.

If everything is working fine, try tweaking your device. Follow the steps mentioned above. Start with rebooting the device.

Conclusion –

Let us conclude this article here.

We have mentioned 5 different ways that can be used to fix the OkCupid not working issue.

There is no specific fix for the OkCupid search not working issue, but we have tried our best to include common troubleshooting steps.

Try them all and if you are still facing any issues, let us know in the comments section below.