WhatsApp may add more disappearing-messages options soon

Facebook-owned Whatsapp has been getting features lately, maybe as compensation for the controversial privacy policy which was introduced back in February 2021. Facebook faced many backlashes and was accused of selling users’ private data to third-party companies. Well, currently, Facebook sibling apps like – Messenger, Facebook Lite, Instagram, etc have access to a majority of users’ data. Soon, Whatsapp will be accessing users’ data in the same way.

Whatsapp received a new update a few months ago. The update brought disappearing message features for the Whatsapp users. As you all know, the disappearing message feature lets the user make the message disappear after a week of sending it to any user. Well, the message disappearing time is 7 days, there is not any other option to choose.

But, according to a new report, the new feature will let users choose the disappearing time to be 24 hours. So, users will have more time window options.

Well, the reports suggest the new feature may arrive with the next major Whatsapp update. But, we are not sure when will the new feature arrive on Android and iOS platforms.

But, stay tuned, we will keep you posted on the same.