Why does my Snapchat Location say I’m somewhere else

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By Ankit Kumar

Snapchat sports a lot of features which you will not somewhere else. Even if you find similar features, Snapchat’s way of implementing them is quite astonishing.

One of the features is the Snapchat Location feature which can help you to know your friend’s location. But, sometimes the feature shows the wrong location.

If you are someone facing the same problem, you will find the answers here.

Why does my Snapchat Location say I’m somewhere else

Quick Answer: Snapchat shows the wrong location because you have disabled your location sharing, there is a problem with the app itself, the location data is inherently imprecise, or you are using a location spoofing service.

1. Disabled location

Every Snapchat user has the option to turn off location sharing, which means that their location will not be visible to their friends on the app. If you have chosen to disable this feature, then your location will not be shown correctly on Snapchat. iOS won’t face this issue as the iPhone enables location services when required.

2. Issues with the app

Another possible reason for this issue is a problem with the app itself. Snapchat uses a combination of GPS and Wi-Fi data to determine a user’s location, so if either of those things is not working properly, it could result in the app showing the wrong location.

This could be due to a bug in the app, a problem with your phone’s GPS or Wi-Fi connection, or some other technical issue.

3. Issues in tracking

Snapchat’s location tracking is not always 100% accurate. The app uses a variety of factors to determine a user’s location, and there may be some inherent imprecision in the data that it collects.

This means that even if your location sharing is enabled and the app is functioning properly, your location on Snapchat may not be exactly accurate.

4. VPN is running

It’s possible that you are using a VPN or location spoofing service that allows you to appear as if you are in a different location.

These types of apps and services are designed to trick location-based apps like Snapchat into thinking that you are somewhere else. If you are using one of these services, then your location on Snapchat will not be correct.

Why is Snapchat showing the Wrong Location of my Friend

Quick Answer: Snapchat is showing the wrong location of your friend because they have enabled it, they might be using location spoofing services, their GPS and Wifi are not working properly, or there could be issues with their app.

Why is Snapchat Map not working

1. Mobile’s GPS is disabled

Your device’s GPS is not turned on or is not receiving a strong signal. In order for Snapchat to determine your location, your device’s GPS must be turned on and receive a strong signal. To check if your GPS is turned on, go to your device’s settings and look for the “Location” or “Privacy” settings.

2. Ghost mode is enabled

Snapchat’s Ghost Mode is a feature that allows users to share their location with only certain people, or to keep their location private. When Ghost Mode is enabled, the user’s location will not be visible on the map to anyone else, including their friends. This allows users to control who can see their location and when, and can help protect their privacy.

To disable Ghost mode on Snapchat, follow the below-mentioned procedure –

  • Step 1: Open the Snapchat app and swipe right to access the map screen.
  • Step 2: In the upper right corner of the screen, tap the settings icon (the gear-shaped icon).
  • Step 3: In the settings menu, tap “Ghost Mode” and then tap “ON” to enable Ghost Mode.
  • Step 4: Once Ghost Mode is enabled, your location will not be visible on the map to anyone else. You can disable Ghost Mode at any time by following the same steps and tapping “OFF” instead

3. Snapchat version is outdated

If you are running an older version of Snapchat, you face trouble accessing not only Snapchat Map but other features also. If there are some bugs affecting the features to run properly, you might have to check the current version of the app.

Updating Snapchat to the latest version from the respective app store will definitely fix the bugs.

4. VPN connection is established

A VPN, or virtual private network, is a way to encrypt your internet connection and secure your online activities. It’s possible that using a VPN could affect your ability to use Snapchat Maps, but it would depend on how the VPN is set up and whether it’s blocking the necessary IP addresses and ports.

If you’re having trouble using Snapchat Maps while connected to a VPN, you may need to disable your VPN connection or contact the VPN provider for help.

5. Issues with the device

There is a problem with the app or your device. If none of the above are the reasons, it is possible that there is a problem with the app (not the app version) or your device that is preventing the location feature from working properly.

In this case, you can try restarting the app or your device, or you can try uninstalling and reinstalling the app. If the problem persists, you may need to contact Snapchat support for further assistance.


So, now you know why Snapchat is showing the wrong location. Follow the procedure discussed above to fix the issue.