‘Share your Chat Activity’ Instagram: All you need to know!

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By Ankit Kumar

Are you new to the Instagram? Or are you finding Instagram’s ‘Share your Chat Activity’  for the first time?

Well, a lot of users wonder how ‘Share your Chat Activity’ works on Instagram.

In this post, you will find out everything you need to know about the ‘Share your Chat Activity’ feature on Instagram

What is ‘Share your Chat Activity’ on Instagram

Instagram’s “Share your chat activity” feature allows users to share their chat conversations with their followers. This feature can be used for both one-on-one conversations and group chats, and when turned on, any message sent or received in a chat will be visible to the user’s followers.

To enable this feature, go to the person’s chat with who you wish to share your activity. While in the chat, select their name (not the profile photo). Details and some options will appear. Select the ‘Privacy and Safety’ option. Finally, select ‘Share you chat activity’ option.

Privacy and Safety option to enable 'Share your chat activity'

Once this is done, the user’s followers will be able to see when they are online and active on Instagram, as well as their chat activity.

One interesting aspect of the “Share your chat activity” feature is that it also allows users to see if the person they are chatting with is watching Reels. If the person they are chatting with is currently watching a Reel, a small icon will appear next to their name in the chat. This can be useful for users who want to have a real-time conversation about a particular Reel, or for those who are simply curious about what their friends are watching.

However, it is important to note that there are potential privacy concerns associated with enabling the ‘Share your chat activity’ feature. Therefore, users should carefully consider whether or not to use this feature and should be mindful of what they share and who can see it. It may also be a good idea to set boundaries with friends and followers about what is appropriate to share in chats and on social media platforms.

Why is ‘Share your Chat Activity’ not working for me on Instagram

If you’re having trouble with the “Share your Chat Activity” feature on Instagram, there are a few things you can try to fix the issue:

1. Privacy Settings

If you have not enabled the “Show Activity Status” toggle in your Instagram privacy settings, the feature will not work. Make sure you have enabled the “Show Activity Status” toggle in your Instagram privacy settings. To do this, go to your profile settings, select “Privacy,” and then choose “Activity Status.” If the toggle is turned off, turn it on.

2. Outdated Instagram Version

If you are using an outdated version of Instagram, you may not have access to the latest features. Check if there is a newer version of Instagram available in the app store or on Google Play, and update your app if necessary. Sometimes, older versions of the app may not have access to all the latest features.

3. Poor Internet Connection

If you have a poor internet connection, the “Share your Chat Activity” feature may not work properly. Try switching to a stronger Wi-Fi signal or using a different data network.

4. Other Person’s Privacy Settings

If the person you are chatting with has turned off their activity status in their own privacy settings, you will not be able to see if they are online or if they are currently watching a Reel, even if you have enabled the feature in your own settings.

5. Cache data

Another reason why the “Share your Chat Activity” feature may not be working for you on Instagram is if there is an issue with your app’s cache or data. If you are using an Android device, try clearing your cache and data for the Instagram app. To do this, go to your device settings, select “Apps,” find Instagram in the list, and then select “Storage.” From there, you can clear the cache and data.


“Share your Chat Activity” feature on Instagram allows users to see when the person they are chatting with is online and whether they are currently watching a Reel. However, there are a few reasons why the feature may not be working, including incorrect privacy settings, outdated app version, poor internet connection, and the other person’s privacy settings. By checking and adjusting your privacy settings, updating your app version, and ensuring a strong internet connection, you can help resolve any issues with the feature.