New update makes it easier to command Google Assistant

Google Assistant has always topped the charts to be the best voice assistant of the 21st century. There are a number of Voice Assistant in the race like Apple’s Siri, Samsung’s Bixby, Microsoft’s Cortana, and more. But none of the voice assistants has ever reached the level of precision and intelligence quotient that Google Assistant has.

Well, Google has always been working on improving Google Assistant accessibilities and its existing features, while working on the new features as well. In some previous major updates, we saw how Google is working on increasing Google Assistant’s integration with other Google apps and services. The integration with Google Photos is one of the steps which brought more accessibility.

Talking about the new update. Google is planning to make it easier for the user to give commands to the Google Assistant. Well, for now, there are two ways to command Google. You can either type or give a voice command after saying ‘Hey Google.’

Moreover, you might have seen some pre-appearing phrases, queries while you start interacting with Google Assistant. These are pre-set commands which Goggle adds by learning the user’s lifestyle. So, you can easily give the command by tapping on the phrase. Sounds very convenient when you are in a situation or don’t want to type or talk to your smartphone.

Well, this was the feature that is already there in Google Assistant. But, the new update lets you customize command shortcuts. Users can any commands which they would be using repeatedly on their Google Assistant. And these phrases can be used to command Google with just a screen tap.