Is APTOIDE TV safe – How to Download APTOIDE TV ?

Do you want to know that is APTOIDE TV safe or not?  If that’s the case, you are at the right place.

In this post, we will be discussing everything about the APTOIDE TV. First, we will go through what is APTOIDE TV and what are its feature.

Secondly, we will be talking about the safety and privacy concerns of using APTOIDE TV, and then we will also provide steps to download and use APTOIDE TV.

So, let’s begin.

What is APTOIDE TV ?

Aptoide TV is an application alternative to the Google Play Store. It offers content with rich user experience, designed especially for the larger screen devices such as Android and smart TVs.

However, Aptoide is also available for smartphones, Amazon Fire TVs or Google Chromecast.

Using Aptoide you can install hundreds of different apps and games on your TVs.

Below, we have listed the features of Aptoide TV and methods to install it on your device.

APTOIDE TV features:

  • Unlimited simultaneous connections on multiple devices
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Native apps for Android TV, FireTV, Android, iOS, Mac, Linux, and more OS
  • Access all Kodi add-ons with Ipvanish / Access Kodi anonymously
  • Tier 1 hardware (no speed slowdown)
  • Prevent ISP Throttling
  • User-friendly apps for all of your devices
  • Zero traffic logs
  • 30-day money-back guarantee so you have nothing to lose
  • The ability to be configured right at your router, for a hassle-free experience.
  • Applications picked by Aptoide’s editors.
  • Applications that are amongst the most popular or downloaded apps.
  • Search engine for applications.
  • Games.
  • Section of apps downloaded by the user.
  • Different settings and lot more.

is APTOIDE TV safe?

Aptoide is an app like Google lay Store. So it will require permissions (just like Play Store) for creating/modifying accounts (only for Aptoide). Location access is  required for viewing apps according to your location. Aptoide is safe, but be careful with the apps downloaded from it.

Aptoide is safe however several developers upload apps to Aptoide’s store, any apps that you download from Aptoide should have a green shield with a check mark (meaning they have no viruses). If they do not, it means that they haven’t been scanned for viruses.

Download APTOIDE TV Apk

You can download the Aptoide Tv apk from the official website here.

How to Install Aptoide TV Apk on your device:

1. Install from browser on your Android TV or Fire TV

This is the easiest way to intall Aptoide tv:

  • A. Go to your browser and navigate to;
  • B. Click on ‘Install Aptoide TV’ to download the installer;
  • C. Run the installer from your file manager, and voilál!

2. Install via USB

First things first, on your computer:
A. Go to
B. Choose ‘Install Aptoide TV’ to download the installer.
C. Copy the file to a USB flash drive.

On your TV device:
A. Insert the USB flash drive to your device
B. Run the installer from your file manager, and that’s it!

3. Install via WiFi (Requires ES File Explorer)

ES File Explorer has Net Manager feature, and we can transfer the Android phone’s app to the Android TV.

You need an Android phone and an Android TV, both devices need to be connected to the same network (LAN, Wi-Fi), and you need to have ES File Explorer installed on both devices.

On your Android TV:

1. Launch ES File Explorer, and select Net Manager Tab. At the Homepage view, you can find Net Manager tab in Network category.

2. Confirm that you’re connected to a Wi-FI or LAN network. You will see: “You have joined a network, SSID is your-wifi-spot-name”.

On your Android phone:

1. Launch the ES File Manager. At Homepage tab, click on the icon named “APP”.

2. You will see a list of the installed apps on your device. Select and long press the ones that you want to send to your Android TV.

3. After selecting, press the “send” button on overflow menu.

4. ES File Manager will search for devices connected to the same network and will display a list of the found ones. Choose your Android TV and press the send icon.

On your Android TV:

1. When the confirmation display appears, press OK to proceed.

2. Choose a folder to receive the file and then run it to install Aptoide TV and that’s it! 🙂

Conclusion : APTOIDE TV Apk safe or not

Aptoide is a great app that allows you to install hundreds of different apps and games on your device.

It is especially designed for smart TVs. However, you can also install it on other devices such mobiles and other smart devices.

Aptoide is safe and legal to use , but be careful with the apps downloaded from it.