Internet Explorer to finally get retirement after 25 years

Your beloved* Internet Explorer is going to turn 25 next year. But, it looks like the folks at Microsoft won’t be celebrating the silver jubilee. Well, let us not push you in tangles anymore. Internet Explorer released on 16 August 1995 and next year, before its 25th birthday, it will be decommissioned for the service.

Well, Microsoft is focusing on rolling out its new and advanced version of the browser called Edge Browser. Actually, it is already here, but next year it will be replacing its predecessor, Internet Explorer, officially.

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer surely had played a major part in the period when the internet was just introduced to the world. Moreover, it has a lot of experience and feelings attached to it. 90’s kids will relate for sure!!!

Microsoft today announced officially that it is dropping support for Internet Explorer on June 15, 2022. And for those who keep themselves updated with the latest happening of the tech world might have seen this coming as the software giant dropped the support for all Microsoft 365 apps from Internet Explorer.

Talking practically, it was really necessary for Microsoft to focus development on one browser, Edge, to keep up with the competition. Some popular browsers like Chrome, Mozilla deliver faster connection, security as well as tons of extra features.