Google Translate reaches 1 billion downloads mark on Play Store

Google translate has been the most successful creation by the California tech giant, Google. The popular app can translate sentences written in any language for you in your mother tongue or in any other known language on this planet.

Clear Google translate was available as a website but later on, Google understood the productivity and demand of the app and introduce an exclusive Google translate app for Android and IOS platforms.

Later Research and improvement in the app led to integration with the widely used Google assistant. But now users can use Google translate on a PC using any browser or on mobile using Google assistant or exclusive Google translate app.

Well, talking about me, I do not use the Google Translate app on my device. And whenever I need to use Google Translate, I generally search Google Translate on my browser.

Google Translate

But, some users use the Translate app more often than other ones. These users download the Google Translate app on their Android or iOS smartphone. And it looks, a lot of people use the Google Translate app these days. As the Google Translate app just crosses the 1 billion download mark on Google Playstore.

The app is available for free, you can download the app from App Store or Google Playstore.