Google Play app gets new UI design: Details here

Google keeps on improving the app and its platforms for a better user experience. Recently, in our previous article, we mentioned how the new user interface of Youtube Music, which is inspired by the Youtube app, is now rolling out for more users.

Well, now, Google’s platform for downloading and updating the app is now getting some UI/UX-based changes. If you have checked the Google Play app, which you might do sometimes only, you might have already observed some changes in the app.

The new app makes it easier for the user to check personal details and account-based details. For this, on the top right corner, you will see a new floating icon, with your Google account’s DP on it. Clicking on the profile icon will open a new menu with more personal details like ‘My Apps & Games,’ ‘Payments,’ ‘Notifications,’ and much more.

Well, in our opinion it’s a good move to sort out the details related to the account holder in a different space. Earlier, if you were looking for options like Payments or the list of apps you have downloaded on your smartphone. You would have to find out the option from the list of all options and settings mentioned in the same hamburger icon on the top left corner.

The new design of the Goggle Play app is now rolling out for multiple Android users. It must be noted that the new design update is not bound to a specific version of the app. So, be patient, you will get the new Google Play app any time.