Google now helps you maintaining Meeting Alerts

It won’t be wrong to say that Google is getting smarter day by day. The folks at Google are working really hard to bring new updates to already smarter and advanced Google Apps. And recently, Google brought a new update to its most popular and advanced, making it easier for you to manage your meeting reminders without breaking a sweat.

If you are using Google Home services integrated with Google Assistant and Google Duo, you might have never missed any meeting or call alerts from Google Duo. Google would send you the voice alerts through Google Home speakers. Sounds great right? But, think of a situation when you are not even in your home and still your smart speakers keep sending the sound alerts.

Well, with the new Google Assistant and Google Home update, Google has fixed this issue. Technically, it’s not a bug or issue, but now your beloved Google Home system is now smarter.

With the new presence detection feature, the Google Home system will be able to recognize if the user is present at home or not. In simple words, now you will only get the meeting alerts if you are at your home. That means, no one at your home will now complain about the annoying alert sounds.

The update has started to roll out for the Google Assistant iOS app. The update is now available for the Android version of Google Assistant and the Google Home app.