How to use TTA Google installer for MIUI 12 (Download Links)

Xiaomi, the Chinese smartphone maker, was one of the first OEMs to release their in-house-made custom skin called MIUI. Well, everyone knows about MIUI today.

Xiaomi has been using MIUI skin in their all smartphone range, be it Mi-series or Poco. The best part about MIUI is its user interface, which is easy to understand, along with tons of customization features.

That makes MIUI an appropriate choice for young tech-savvy and for someone who finds it hard to understand smartphones and tech.

MIUI has started to roll out for all the eligible devices. But, there are still millions of users who are still waiting for the stable version of the MIUI 12 update for their devices.

But, if you are one of those, you cannot wait for the arrival of the official MIUI 12 update; there is an option to download the beta version of MIUI 12 on your device.

With this, you will be able to get all the features of MIUI 12 before the arrival of the stable version on your device.

Why you need Google installer for MIUI 12?

You do not need a Google installer for MIUI 12 stable or any app like that. But, if you have downloaded the beta version of MIUI and specifically the Chinese version. Then, you need Google Installer for sure.

FYI, there are two different versions of MIUI 12 beta available on the internet – European and Chinese ROM. And if you cannot download the European version, you will have to go for the Chinese ROM.

And in Chinese ROM, you won’t find Google apps. Surprising right?

The solution is to use Google Installer for MIUI 12. Well, if you have no idea about that. Then, you can follow our detailed guide mentioned below.

Google apps for MIUI 12

How to use Google installer for MIUI 12

Here we will be mentioning a step-by-step guide to use Google installer for MIUI 12 custom ROMs. And if you have installed the MIUI 12 from a third-party source, you will definitely need a guide to proceed.

As the Chinese variant, beta ROMs are a little tough to understand. So, consider the steps mentioned below and proceed.

  • STEP 1 – Restart your device.

It will be good to give the device a reboot to proceed with the steps mentioned below. This will ensure your device continues to work correctly during the installation.

  • STEP 2 – Download Google Installer v3 APK.

Now that you have restart your device. It is time to download the Google Installer apk. You can download it using the link mentioned below.

DOWNLOAD Google Installer v3 APK

This will download the apk file in the root storage of the device. Go to the File Manager of the device, you will find the apk file in the Download folder. Select the apk file to continue.

  • STEP 3 – Install Google Installer v3 APK.

Now that you have the Google Installer v3 APK. Click on the file to start the installation procedure. Wait for the installation to complete. Be patient.

  • STEP 4 – Allow all app permissions.

After the installation procedure, the app will be asking you for various permission. You need to allow all of the permission to start using the app. This is necessary for the app to work as intended.

Also, we have mentioned the apk link of a reliable source. So, do not worry about the safety.

  • STEP 5 – Download Google Apps.

After completion of all the steps, it is time to start the Google installer for MIUI 12 app. Open the app, and you can start download all the needful apps.

Make sure to install all the Google apps for better productivity. The apps that you must download are – Google Play Services, Google Play Store, Google Calendar Sync Service, Google Services Framework, Google Account Management, Setup Wizard APK, and Google Contacts Sync Service.

  • STEP 6 – Restart your device again.

And it done. You just need to reboot your device one last time. Make sure you reboot the device even before using any other app.

Congrats! You have successfully learned how to use the Google installer for MIUI 12.

You can now enjoy the basic but important Google services.

Conclusion –

This is the end of the guide for the Google installer for MIUI 12.

You can continue using your device now. And make sure to download other important apps like YouTube using the Play Store app now.

Before installing any app from the Play Store, make sure to uninstall the previous version of the app from your device.

This is necessary as the unofficial version may clash with the Play store version of the app.