How to Enable Google Chat and Rooms Feature in Gmail App

If you aren’t already aware Google is shutting its cross-platform messaging platform Hangout and replacing it with Google Chat and Room service.

A Desktop version of the service is already up, and you can use it right away by simply sign in with your Google account. All your contacts will be present there, so you can chat there and have group meetings via the Room feature.

As for the mobile devices, as of now, there is no new app available for Google chat and Room, but these features are embedded in the Gmail app. Once you enable these features from the setting, you will notice two new tabs at the bottom of Gmail’s home page.

How to Enable Google Chat and Rooms Feature in Gmail App

The first option will be of Chat where you can find the list of all your saved contacts, and you can start chatting with them instantly. The second tab will be of Rooms which is similar to slack where you can have group chats and meetings. So, now you have all features like instant messaging, group messaging, and video conferencing in the Gmail app. Below are the steps to enable Google Chat and Rooms features inside the Gmail app:

How to Enable Google Chat and Rooms feature in Gmail app:

  1. Download the latest Gmail app.
  2. Now open the Gmail app and swipe from left edge to right for the hamburger menu. OR tap on the three horizontal lines in the top left corner.
  3. Scroll down and go to Settings.
  4. Tap on your Google Account.
  5. Under the General section, you will find chat (Early Access).
  6. Tick the checkbox to enable it.
  7. Go to the home page, and you will notice two new tabs called Chat and Rooms.

Thanks to Yash for providing the details for these new Gmail features. Below is his tweet: